“He whispered, “Life.” And so she lived. Is living still. Will go on living, to the end of that whisper.”

-Emily Ruskovich, Idaho


Idaho- Emily Ruskovich

This book had been on my “to be read” pile for awhile- like ever since February. So I was very happy to find the time to read it. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a beautiful novel. It’s a well written, heartbreakingly beautiful novel actually.

It centers around a tragedy that happened to a young family. Wade and Jenny have two children, June and May. One day when they are going about their business, clearing birch wood from a forest, an unspeakable act occurs which splinters the family apart. Wade, we find out later on, suffers from early onset dementia. Whether for better or worse, he doesn’t always recall the events of that day. This book is about the repercussions of a tragic event on each person.

Idaho is haunting. A book about tragedy might have to be. I don’t know. It made me wrestle with a lot of thoughts. Is Wade better off not remembering the tragedy? What does that mean for the people he leaves these memories with- is it now their burden to carry?

The writing style changes perspectives throughout which keeps the narrative style fresh and flowing. There are also time shifts each chapter. I tend to enjoy books with this type of narrative style.

It took me a while to work my way through it because it is slow burning. I don’t think this one will stick with me long term or be too memorable. But it was enjoyable to read overall.

My Goodreads rating is 3/5 stars.

Happy Reading -Becky

Currently reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

And now introducing a new post style in which I let y’all in on what I’m currently reading. I’m attempting to bring a little more content categories into this blog to keep things fresh and interesting. Straight up book reviews can make me feel stagnant after awhile. So here goes:

I’m currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I’ve previously read The Goldfinch and enjoyed Tartt’s writing style. While I didn’t love the plot and flow of that book, I thought her writing was beautiful and descriptive. The Secret History has a deep, foreboding feel from the very beginning. The main character, Robert, has many similarities from Theo in The Goldfinch. I’m interested in reading more from Tartt to see if she keeps this consistent character typecast throughout her novels. I’m loving it so far, so I’m sure a full review will be coming up. You’ll just have to stay tuned.

Happy Reading -Becky

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI- David Grann

It’s nonfiction time, y’all! And this one is a great pick. David Grann does a great job giving the reader a lot of information in a way that’s interesting and fresh. This book was never dry. So what’s it about? Keep on reading.

Killers of the Flower Moon is about the Osage Native American tribe, who in the 1920’s were the richest population in the world per capita. Their money came from oil found underneath their reservation land. But because of prejudice against Native Americans at the time, many of the Osage did not have access to their own money and had to have a guardian, usually an upper class white man, who controlled their finances. During this time there were many mysterious murders of Osage people. Through fires, execution style shootings, and poisonings the Osage were being killed off at a rapid rate. Once again because of prejudice, there was not immediate action taken on the Osage’s behalf. Many families lived in constant fear of their imminent murder. An investigation into the murders was launched… and totally botched by incompetent and crooked detectives and police forces. There needed to be a US government sanctioned investigative force brought in to weed out the facts and assist in solving these murders. And thus the FBI was born.

I really enjoyed reading this one. It was informative and interesting, but also had a mystery component that kept me hooked. David Grann is well known for his book “The Lost City of Z”, which I hastily picked up as soon as I finished this one. I recommend you pick them both up.

My Goodreads rating is 5/5 stars.

Happy Reading -Becky